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Communication flow gudance would be focused for all communication between Commissioning Department to another Department, COMPANY and Vendors.

1. Communication to Other Department

• Site Document Control Centre (SDCC)
All Correspondence documents from Commissioning Department to internal department or CPI would be delivered through SDCC Department.

• QA/QC Department
Referring to previous Subject, QA/QC Department has to report for construction completion (include construction punch list inside) to Commissioning Department before commissioning phase (see #4 Communication step). Construction completion means ready for commissioning refer to all construction readiness (See previous explanation about Construction Readiness for each construction’s discipline).

• Construction Department
Commissioning Department would inform all construction un-readiness (if any) during commissioning walkthrough to develop commissioning punch list (note: construction punch list by QC Department). Construction department has to provide reconstruction, modification or completeness before commissioning.
All modification or additional issue that to be required before commissioning phase but not including at the contract document or engineering consideration would be solved as management issued.

• PPC Department
Commissioning department would be closed communication with PPC team for arrange commissioning schedule that integrated with Project main schedule.
PPC Department should update commissioning work to commissioning department. Especially for vendor on site schedule that should be informed to Procurement department for invite vendors for commissioning and training activity.

• Procurement Department
Procurement department would arrange vendor availability at site for Training and commissioning and/or start-up phase based on Commissioning schedule in Project main schedule. For each Vendor availability at site could not be arranged at same time due to commissioning sequencing that follow construction readiness. PPC Department would notify about updating schedule to Procurement Department.

• Engineering Department

- Commissioning punch list that related with engineering or re-engineering consideration/design would be sent to Truba Jakarta’s engineering department (CC to Truba’s Site Engineering) for to be followed up.

- Vendor Document and Datasheet for equipment has to be provided for commissioning department by engineering department.

• Human Resource Department (HRD)

Commissioning department would notify to HRD for provide
- Training (referring to training schedule)
- Commissioning Manpower requisition
- Commissioning accommodation
- And, other requirement that as HRD responsibility for supporting commissioning phase and project in general.

2. Communication Flow to COMPANY

For better communication between COMPANY (Chevron Pacific Indonesia—CPI) and Truba Jaya Engineering has to be provided PIC for each discipline/responsible in commissioning organization chart that proposed by Truba (see Subject #6).

Truba’s Commissioning department would direct work to CPI Commissioning team only, during commissioning phase such as walkthrough, commissioning assistance, approval requirement etc.
Truba’s commissioning department would develop the commissioning punch list but not for construction punch list (Truba’s Construction department and CPI Construction would develop Construction punch list).

CPI construction team only assist during commissioning phase and provide communication to Truba Construction team for support CPI & Truba commissioning team if any major reconstruction work before (category “B” punch), during and after (category “A” punch) commissioning phase.

3. Communication Flow to Vendors

• Truba’s Vendors
Truba’s vendors mean all vendors that supply material or manpower for NDD 12 Project via Truba (not direct to Chevron)
Procurement department would authorize all communication between Truba’s Commissioning department and Truba’s vendor.
Vendor availability for Training and commissioning had been described at #5. Communication Flow / Procurement Department.

• CPI’s Vendors
CPI vendors mean all vendors that supply material or manpower for NDD 12 Project via CPI (but not via Truba) or Vendor that had been determined by CPI (Even though procured by Truba).

Commissioning and procurement department would arrange availability this vendor on be half CPI. Truba would invite them as per CPI notification for invite.
If Truba invitation to CPI’s vendor found some obstacle, Truba would inform this condition to CPI Commissioning Coordinator for to be followed up by CPI.
Datasheet, manual book, specification for all equipments that supplied by CPI’s vendor should be copied and sent to Truba Commissioning Department by CPI Commissioning team at least 2 week before Commissioning Procedure Development starting date (See commissioning schedule).

All equipments functional and performance guaranteed that related with CPI’s vendor are not as Truba responsibility. Functional and performance test expertise availability for CPI’s Vendors are not becoming Truba’s Responsibility.

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Legend (How to read) : Commissioning Document / Duration / Start date / Finished Date / PIC

  1. Commissioning Plan / 10 days / 24-Dec-08 / 16-Jan-09 / Ibnu
  2. Power source (Off/On-Plot) / 5 days / 17-Jan-09 / 21-Jan-09 / T.B.A
  3. Substation / 5 days / 22-Jan-09 / 26-Jan-09 / T.B.A
  4. Cable tray (visual check list only) / 2 days / 27-Jan-09 / 28-Jan-09 / T.B.A
  5. Lighting / 2 days / 29-Jan-09 / 30-Jan-09 / T.B.A
  6. Roads & drainage system / 3 days / 17-Jan-09 / 19-Jan-09 / Sabik
  7. Major pipe racks / 2 days / 17-Jan-09 / 18-Jan-09 / Sabik
  8. Kill water / 3 days / 19-Jan-09 / 21-Jan-09 / Frenky
  9. Air compressor package performance test / 5 days / 22-Jan-09 / 26-Jan-09 / Agung
  10. Overflow Tanks (Refurbishment), Overflow Pumps & Priming Chamber / 5 days / 27-Jan-09 / 31-Jan-09 / Saepudin
  11. Storm water pump / 2 days / 1-Feb-09 / 2-Feb-09 / Saepudin
  12. Manifold (loop and function test for on/off valve) / 5 days / 3-Feb-09 / 7-Feb-09 / Wawan
  13. KO Drum (Visual check list and Loop test procedure for E/I) / 2 days / 8-Feb-09 / 9-Feb-09 / Saepudin
  14. Vent stack (Visual check list and Loop test procedure for E/I) / 2 days / 10-Feb-09 / 11-Feb-09 / Saepudin
  15. Utility Chemical Injection / 5 days / 12-Feb-09 / 16-Feb-09 / Saepudin
  16. AWT Pump A/B/C/D + AWT Separator A/B/C/D / 5 days / 17-Feb-09 / 21-Feb-09 / Yozi
  17. Condensate Separator + Condensate Transfer Pump / 5 days / 22-Feb-09 / 26-Feb-09 / Yozi
  18. Utility Fuel gas (procedure for piping visual check only) / 5 days / 27-Feb-09 / 3-Mar-09 / Riyanto
  19. Surge vessel + Production Transfer Pump / 5 days / 4-Mar-09 / 8-Mar-09 / Yozi
  20. GLCC (Refurbishment) (Visual check list and Loop test procedure for E/I) / 5 days / 9-Mar-09 / 13-Mar-09 / Saepudin
  21. Utility Steam (procedure of visual check for piping only) / 5 days / 14-Mar-09 / 18-Mar-09 / Riyanto
  22. Enclosed Flare (Refurbishment) / 5 days / 19-Mar-09 / 23-Mar-09 / Yozi
  23. Condensate Air Cooler (Refurbishment) / 5 days / 24-Mar-09 / 28-Mar-09 / Saepudin
  24. Control and Monitoring (SCADA) (see detail at schedule below) / 15 days / 17-Jan-09 / 31-Jan-09 / Wawan
  25. Telecomunication / 15 days / 17-Jan-09 / 31-Jan-09 / Wawan
  26. Feed Heater A/B (visual check only) / 2 days / 1-Feb-09 / 2-Feb-09 / Saepudin
  27. CVC Separator + CVC Pump / 5 days / 3-Feb-09 / 7-Feb-09 / Yozi
  28. CVC Condensate Separator + CVC Condensate pump / 5 days / 8-Feb-09 / 12-Feb-09 / Yozi
  29. CVC Air Cooler / 5 days / 13-Feb-09 / 17-Feb-09 / Saepudin
  30. SOP for start-up / 30 days / 10-Feb-09 / 11-Mar-09 / Coord : Saepudin

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Pak Antonius turun gunung angkat rantai

Budi, Zulham, Bos Yozi dan Rio

Selesai 49 well

Pak Frenky yang bukan "Juru kunci"

Lelah...lelah dan lelah

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This schedule sorted by work sequencing

System - duration - Start -Finished
  1. Manifold 62 days 28-Oct 15-Jan
  2. AWT system 156 days 11-Dec 21-May
  3. KO Drum 7 days 3-Feb 9-Feb
  4. Vent stack 4 days 10-Feb 13-Feb
  5. Utility Chemical Injection 8 days 12-Feb 19-Feb
  6. Cable tray 3 days 20-Feb 22-Feb
  7. Power source (Off/On-Plot) 7 days 27-Feb 5-Mar
  8. Major pipe racks 9 days 7-Mar 15-Mar
  9. AWT Pump A/B/C/D 33 days 7-Mar 8-Apr
  10. Condensate Separator 4 days 7-Mar 10-Mar
  11. AWT Separator 73 days 10-Mar 21-May
  12. Overflow Pumps 9 days 13-Mar 21-Mar
  13. Storm water pump 4 days 13-Mar 16-Mar
  14. Utility Fuel gas 16 days 14-Mar 29-Mar
  15. Priming Chambers 2.5 days 24-Mar 26-Mar
  16. Substation 8 days 29-Mar 5-Apr
  17. Surge vessel 22 days 30-Mar 20-Apr
  18. Lighting 3 days 5-Apr 7-Apr
  19. GLCC (Refurbishment) 16 days 8-Apr 23-Apr
  20. Air compressor package performance test 5.5 days 9-Apr 14-Apr
  21. Utility Steam 16 days 10-Apr 25-Apr
  22. Kill water 19 days 12-Apr 30-Apr
  23. Overflow Tanks (Refurbishment) 7 days 12-Apr 18-Apr
  24. Enclosed Flare (Refurbishment) 24 days 12-Apr 5-May
  25. Condensate Air Cooler (Refurbishment) 6 days 12-Apr 17-Apr
  26. CVC System 42 days 14-Apr 25-May
  27. Off Plot 7 days 14-Apr 20-Apr
  28. Condensate Transfer Pump 10 days 24-Apr 3-May
  29. Control and Monitoring 31 days 25-Apr 25-May
  30. Telecomunication 36 days 25-Apr 30-May
  31. Production Transfer Pump 13 days 26-Apr 8-May
  32. Feed Heater A/B 13 days 2-May 14-May
  33. On-Plot 23 days 3-May 25-May
  34. CVC Separator 21 days 4-May 24-May
  35. CVC Pump 19 days 7-May 25-May
  36. CVC Condensate pump 17 days 9-May 25-May
  37. CVC Condensate Separator 9 days 12-May 20-May
  38. CVC Air Cooler 8 days 16-May 23-May
  39. Infrastructure (Not required to finish during degassing milestone) 8 days 14-Jun 21-Jun


All fire fighting and safety equipments should be ready in construction phase before commissioned

MIGAS certification and utility system should be completed in pre-commissioning construction punch list.
Pipe should be aligned at the pipe support and valve position & orientation has been aligned referring to Safety In Design (SID).
Leak test should be finished.
Tagging in equipment (mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation) and piping at system should be conducted by construction team.

All panels and field instrumentation (that require the power) should be meger and continuity test.
Objective for each rotary equipment is Solorun. Solorun Test duration depend on CPI recommendation (not mandatory to 1 hour).
Lighting should be ready especially at building, shelter and lighting which have distribute light for some equipment such as pump, compressor, vessel, panel etc and field instrument that have related with measurement, setting and safety/shutdown system.

Field instrumentasi had been installed and calibrated/certified.
For all instrumentation that have related with measurment and setting point should be QC passed calibration and/or third party.
Instrument cable should be meger & continuity from : field instrument - Control room - MCC.

Radiness of Civil construction are support pipe/pipe rack/cable rack installed, dress-up, acess road and platform referring to SID include grouting for all pump and compressor, shelter have to be finished, plumbing system, and drainage/OWS around that system to OWS collection

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12 January 2009 activity

Commissioning Organization and Personal in Charge of SOP for Start Up

PIC For Start-Up's SOP*:
  1. Commissioning Manager............: Antonius Suyitno
  2. Commissioning Deputy...............: Ibnu DR
  3. Process integrator.......................: Yozi Bastian
  4. SOP Coordinator..........................: M.Saepudin
  5. SOP Degassing..............................: Frenky B.H
  6. SOP AWT......................................: Hardadi Agung
  7. SOP Kill Water.............................: Frenky B.H
  8. SOP Steam Line...........................: Riyanto
  9. SOP Instrument air.....................: Hardadi Agung
* SOP Commissioning would be coordinated by Mr Yozi Bastian